How We Calculate Your Fulfillment Rate

Modified on Thu, 11 Apr at 4:18 PM

Fulfillment Ratings

Have you ever wondered how we figure out your fulfillment rate? Well, we're here to break it down for you in simple terms.

Step 1: What We Look At

We keep an eye on the orders you've marked as "Shipped" and "Rejected" over the past 90 days. These are the key players in the game.

Step 2: Crunching the Numbers

Now, it's time for some math, but don't worry; it's easy! 

We take the number of "Shipped" orders and divide it by the total number of orders you've had, excluding those pesky "Canceled" ones.

Step 3: What Doesn't Count

Canceled orders, you ask? Nope, they don't count in this calculation. These are the orders that got returned to you or met some other fate.

Step 4: Individual Titles Matter

Every little book counts. So, if you had three orders in the last 90 days, and one of those had two titles in it, we'd count that as four books. If you shipped three out of those four, your rate would be 75%. It's all about how many books you have out there.

Step 5: An Exception

We like to keep things fair, so we automatically remove one "Rejected" order from the calculation. If you only had one "Rejected" order or book in the past 90 days, your fulfillment rate should be a perfect 100%. 

Step 6: Need Help? We've Got You!

Now, if you ever have to cancel an order and think it shouldn't affect your fulfillment rate, don't hesitate to reach out to us at Send us the order number and the details, and we'll take a look. We're here to help you out!

Step 7: The Stars Speak

So, what do these numbers mean to your customers? Well, they appear as stars. Here's the deal:

★★★★★ 96% to 100%

★★★★ 90% to 95%

★★★ 85% to 89%

★★ 70% to 84%

★ 0% to 69%

Step 8: When to Expect the Numbers

Lastly, we calculate and update your fulfillment rate once every 24 hours. So, keep an eye on those stars!

See? It's not so complicated after all. Happy selling!